myCRED Offerwalls

  • AdWorkMedia
  • OfferToro
  • SuperRewards

myCRED Offerwalls is a premium plugin that addresses a request we have received from many clients. With one offer wall available for $15, why not get 5 offer walls for $50?

The goal is simple: myCRED Offerwalls fully integrates myCRED, the premier points management plugin, with various offer walls. This plugin instantly monetizes your site by providing simple shortcodes to place offer walls on any page.

Integrated offerwalls: TrialPay, SuperRewards, OfferToro, AdWorkMedia, CPAlead

This plugin handles the complex task of GET and POST callbacks to your site in the securest way possible. myCRED Offerwalls can easily create postback pages at the click of a button, and uses hashing algorithms like HMAC and MD5 whenever possible to ensure malicious behavior is not possible.

Also, you can customize your offer wall iFrames by setting width and height attributes, as well as adding custom CSS.

Conversion rates can be set in the plugin itself, so you do not have to login to your offer wall provider every time you wish to tweak your rate.

Best of all, we will not take a single dime out of your earnings! Just keep your license active for future updates such as access to more offer walls. Support is only provided to those with an active license, as well.

Documentation available here

This plugin is released under the GPLv2 or later.

License is valid for 1 year. 30% discount is applied to all license renewals.