myCRED Offerwalls

MyCRED Offerwalls is a plugin that enables your users to earn points by completing surveys, buying products, doing tasks, and even downloading apps on mobile. This plugin helps create a free option for your users to get points, while you make money.

MyCRED Offerwalls allows you to customize your offerwalls on your site and control the payout to your users. In the background, myCRED Offerwalls creates custom callback pages to handle all the completed transactions to make sure your users get the points they earned.

This plugin integrates directly with testing features on all supported offerwalls.

Supported offerwalls include: TrialPay, SuperRewards, OfferToro, CPAlead, and AdworkMedia.

Every license comes with 1 year of support. Support does not include adding new offer walls. More offerwalls can be requested via the contact form.

$50.00 – $130.00
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